CACI forms new partnerships

CACI announces series of exclusive partnerships

Consumer and location intelligence specialist CACI has announced a series of new global partners whose data will assist CACI in providing a market leading understanding of the customer dynamics of place, with a focus on how visitors live, work and play across retail, leisure and more. CACI has partnered with a leading multi-national bank and Telefonica to provide data its the Location Dynamics platform. Coupling demographic ‘big data’ with micro-location data allows CACI to depict how people engage in space; both in the centre and across the catchment, and within the competition across the globe.

Working with one of the top four banks in the UK, CACI can uniquely combine a high level of anonymous spend data with CACI’s proprietary Acorn classification system, unlocking both real-world spend and demographics whilst maintaining anonymity. This offer is unique to CACI and allows retailers, landlords and businesses to understand distribution of actual consumer spend by product sector, demographic and product category over time.

In addition, by partnering with O2 Motion to connect anonymous data from users of the Telefonica network with Acorn, CACI will be able to understand and identify how consumers engage with place. Providing coverage of customer movements throughout the year, between their home, work and leisure, CACI can unlock the user profile of all demographics within a destination, how they vary by time of day, day of week and time of year, and most crucially – why consumers engage with space.

The final partnership pillar provides an understanding of people within a location, and sees CACI working with multiple suppliers of micro level anonymous mobile data derived from a broad suite of mobile apps. This insight is used by CACI to view movements of visitors within a specific place to understand the customer dynamics of a destination and how people move through it, which stores are visited, and how visitors engage.

Alex McCulloch, Director of CACI Property Consulting Group, said: “By connecting Acorn to our global partners’ understanding of spend and movement, CACI is able to see why consumers behave as they do and strengthen our position as market leaders in understanding who the customer is; how they engage with place; and crucially why they choose specific destinations and brands.”

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