Competitive socialising continues to grow

Savills and the Leisure Property Forum chart rapid expansion

Changing consumer behaviour and technological developments are driving a rise in ‘competitive socialising’ – there are now 170 separate operators in the UK according to research from Savills and the Leisure Property Forum.

With 170 separate operators, across 340 locations, the market is diverse and fragmented with only three brands occupying more than 10 sites. Savills says there are significant opportunities for entrepreneurial brands to establish themselves within the competitive socialising industry, with only a small number of sites needed for an operator to effectively become a national brand.

Leading the way within the sector are escape rooms with more than 145 locations throughout the UK across over 60 operators. Also increasing their presence are urban golf concepts, with Savills identifying 53 existing venues across the country. Currently, however, only five brands within the sector operate three or more locations.

Tom Whittington, director for retail and leisure research at Savills, said: “Whilst many of us have been visiting bowling alleys and cinemas for years, consumers continue to seek new experiences. This new, diverse and yet fragmented market presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurial operators to become genuine contenders as national brands within the leisure industry.”

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