Footfall bounces back

Springboard detects rebound in pedestrian traffic

Following a low performance for a few weeks, the pay weekend and autumnal chill brought shoppers outside resulting in an increase of +0.5 per cent against last year, a sizeable shift from the -1.7 per cent of last year. This change was reflected in the weekly stats with a result of +6.1 per cent against the previous week with all location types contributing to the growth.

The High street increased +0.4 per cent across the UK but with a polarisation across the country, with 6 of 10 regions dropping up to -6.9 per cent (East Midlands), with uplifts reaching +3.1 per cent in Greater London. High streets experienced the greatest weekly change finishing +7.3 per cent against the previous week. Shopping centre numbers saw a weekly improvement of +5.1 per cent, and although the annual result of -0.8 per cent is down on last year, this is the 5th best weekly performance of the year so far for the location type and a significant improvement on the current year to date of -2.9 per cent. Retail parks increased annually by +1.9 per cent, whilst seeing a weekly change of +4.8 per cent.

The growth was spearheaded by Greater London, which saw the largest change with increases occurring across all location types with an overall result of +2.2 per cent, whilst other locations saw varying results between the location types.

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