Fragrance Shop to roll out new format

Success with new Sniff Bars leads to 15 more sites in 2019

Independent fragrance retailer the Fragrance Shop is celebrating success after the launch of its new Sniff Bars – a standalone perfume bar in prime locations across the UK.

The new initiative is seeing a 30% higher conversion volume compared to in-store and the new Sniff Bars are attracting 66% more new customers than the retailer’s direct online channel and average transactions are over 15% higher than direct online and over 30% higher than a typical store average transaction.

CEO Sanjay Vadera said “Following a strong performance from our new Sniff Bars, I am looking forward to rolling out our new disruptive digital fragrance bars to various locations across the UK in 2019. We are currently looking for suitable locations and cannot wait for people to experience the variety and quality on offer, and the expertise of the Fragrance Shop team.”

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