Government calls for homes to replace shops

Planners to encourage mixed-use development of retail sites

Town halls should encourage the redevelopment of retail parks and large supermarkets into communities that include homes, shops and businesses, a wide-ranging report for the government has found.

The new “mixed use” communities should be supported by new public transport to reduce reliance on cars – and are part of plans to revisit these ‘boxland’ developments. The proposals are contained in the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission’s interim report, ‘Creating space for beauty’.

The report also calls for communities to be given an earlier say in the development process, encouraging greater use of master-planning – rather than communities engaging in town “planning by appeal”.

Interim chairman of the Commission, Nicholas Boys Smith said: “Redeveloping abandoned out of town retail parks and ugly old supermarkets would deliver something much more beautiful in the form of thriving new communities where people can raise a family, work or settle down. We need to move the democracy up-stream from development control to plan-making.”

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