Queensberry lodges second Sheffield application

Plans submitted for Block B of the Heart of the City II scheme

The development, designed by Leonard Design, features a sensitive redevelopment of the late Victorian Laycock House. Situated between Pinstone Street, Cross Burgess Street, Charles Street and fronting onto Pinstone Street, Block B will occupy a prominent city centre location. The scheme will see a sensitive renovation of the residences and smaller retail units within Laycock House.

Behind the building the courtyard will be transformed into a city garden with a café proposed on the ground floor with tables spilling out into the new space. Four new retail units are also being introduced at ground level with 52 high-quality apartments spanning the seven floors above.

Earlier this month planning was also submitted for a nearby project also within the HoCII scheme. The ‘Pepper Pot’ development, now along with Block B has started to generate great momentum for the masterplan in Sheffield.

Cllr Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for business and investment at Sheffield City Council, said: “Submitting another planning application is a sign that the Heart of the City II project is taking big leaps forwar. We are confident that these plans represent the best balance possible in terms of giving a new use to the much-loved Laycock House whilst also providing added economic opportunity and vibrancy to 21st century Sheffield.”

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