Sun puts a spring in the step of shoppers

Springboard detects uplift in pedestrian traffic

In contrast to the previous week, the spread of half term across the month has benefitted the results for last week culminating in an annual rise of +2.5%. This is a distinct improvement upon the -1.2% for the same week last year. Visitor numbers also increased against the previous week with an overall increase of +3.1%.

Shopping centres and high streets both experienced an increase against last year, in comparison to the drops of 2018. Shopping centre numbers rose by +1.2% but results were polarised across the country with numbers varying from -9.5% in Wales to +8.9% in the East. High street results increased +4.5% against last year with the majority of regions benefitting from the half term week and the boost of spring sunshine.

Retail park results were inverse to the other location types with numbers falling both annually (by -0.6%) and against the previous week (by -2.2%) in comparison to the 2018 increase of +1.5% versus the 2017 result. Regionally, numbers increased against the previous week across the country with the exception of Scotland (where half term had occurred earlier in the month.

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