Tiger founder to launch ÏD Kids in UK

Childrenswear and Toys brand coming to Southside Shopping Centre

Philip Bier, founder of Scandinavian high street brand Tiger is set to launch a new childrenswear and toys retailer ÏD Kids in the UK.

Bier, who co-founded Tiger and opened its first store in Basingstoke in 2005, sold his stake in the retailer to Copenhagen-based parent company Zebra in January last year. He is set to bring the first franchise of French company ÏD Kids to Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth through new company Bier Brothers.

Bier said: “We want to be the preferred partner for foreign retailers who want to enter the UK. The ambition is to have six brands in five years’ time.”

The news comes at a turbulent time for UK retailers, with sector rival Toys R Us recently entering administration

Bier added: “If people say I’m mad I have some sympathy for that statement. But if you take Toys R Us they stood still and relied on doing the same thing for 25 years with no material change in their model. They just expected customers to turn up with a basket and fill it. That doesn’t happen anymore.”

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