Warm weather boosts footfall

Springboard records uplift in pedestrian traffic

The leap in footfall for last week of +17.6%, although welcome, is a direct result of the comparison against both the Beast from the East and Storm Emma as they swept across the country last year – in context, the annual change for the week last year was -16.6% across all location types. Overall, the weekly result fell -2.6% against the previous week, the first drop since week 3 of the year, as the spreading out of the school half term week across February which had seen steady increases, drew to an end.

The high annual change, in evidence across every corner of the country, brought the biggest boost to high streets with an increase of +21.4%. Shopping centre and retail park results were closer to each other, increasing +14.2% and +13.0% apiece. Variations in performance between regions and location types are only visible through the weekly change as high streets and shopping centres fell -3.6% and -4.1%, while retail parks saw an increase of +1.0%. Scotland saw an increase in each location type with a final result of +3.0% against the previous week, with Wales, despite a dip of -0.1% to retail parks, increasing overall by +4.0% against the week.

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