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Retail Destination sat down with leisure operator Boom Battle Bar

You really capitalised on the competitive-socialising trend – can you give me an overview of Boom: Battle Bar in terms of how the idea started and how it has evolved?

Our founders really saw a gap in the market and decided to jump on it. With unprecedented growth in the sector over the last 18 months, Boom: Battle Bars are set to take the competitive socialising movement to the next level. Our venue in the Entertainment District at The O2 is our largest to date, with ample more exciting brand initiatives on the horizon. 

How has the pandemic been for you? Do you think there is still the same appetite for competitive socialising as there was pre-pandemic? Is it here to stay?

With a huge desire to catch up on the missed time spent with friends and family over the last two years, the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the demand for competitive socialising. People are craving excitement, fun and entertainment and we offer an experience that delivers all of this and more. It is a unique, exhilarating, and immersive experience, and it still holds popularity on key calendar dates such as our Valentine’s Day night package, which sold out before 4pm on 14 February.

You have a lot of new sites in the pipeline – have you been selective about what places you’re signing up to, and how do you decide if there’s a market for it in the local catchment? Why did you choose The Entertainment District at The O2?

Boom Battle Bar’s growth strategy very much focuses on securing great venues which offer both strong footfall and appeal to a wide demographic. An iconic venue like The O2 seemed the obvious destination as we bring a new dynamic to the already extensive leisure offering. It is a globally recognised venue that not only attracts international and domestic audiences, but it also provides visitors with a matchless day-come-night experience and is the go-to destination for competitive socialising.

Boom: Battle Bar combines a lot of different competitive socialising experiences – which ones are the most popular?

Our Boom Battle Bars across the country are home to a variety of different gaming experiences, from axe throwing and karaoke to shuffleboard and crazy golf. Essentially, if there’s fun to be had, we want to find it and deliver it to our customers.

Finally, do you have any thoughts on the future of the leisure market?

The leisure market is booming. It’s not just about great retail and F&B options – customers want that something extra, something different, something ‘boom’. Being able to pair a great food and beverage with a fun and exciting leisure offering is the way forward. Consumers want an experience that they can remember which is why Boom Battle Bar is successful in its approach.

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