Footfall continues to climb

Latest data from retail experts Springboard reveals that footfall across all UK retail destinations rose over the week by +4.4 per cent , a similar rise to the week before when footfall rose by +4.5 per cent .

In England footfall rose by +4 per cent versus +6.4 per cent in Scotland; but in Northern Ireland and Wales, where face coverings are not mandatory in stores, the rise in footfall was higher at +9.4 per cent and +8.7% respectively.

On Friday and Saturday, the first two days where face coverings in England became mandatory in retail stores, footfall in retail destinations declined by an average of -1.7 per cent.  England was the only nation where footfall declined on these two days, rising by an average of +2.7 per cent in Wales and +1.8 per cent in Northern Ireland.  However, in Scotland which is the only other nation where face coverings are mandatory, footfall rose by an average of +5.3 per cent on Friday and Saturday, which suggests that others factors are likely to have come into play. 

Diane Wehrle, insights director at Springboard commented: “Last week delivered another first – the first time that wearing a face covering became mandatory in retail stores and enclosed destinations in England. The first few days of the latest government guidelines has not yet delivered conclusive evidence of its impact on activity in bricks and mortar destinations, however it is positive news for retailers that the annual performance is continuing to improve.”

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