Footfall experiences slight drop

Footfall across UK retail destinations declined marginally by -0.7% last week from the week before, according to Springboard.

Footfall remained flat in high streets whilst retail parks saw a decrease of -1.5% and shopping centres decreased by -1.6%.

The drops in retail park and shopping centre footfall were widespread, with declines in all but one UK geography.

UK footfall rose in Central London (+2.7%) and Regional Cities (+2.1%) as the return to the office continues to accelerate.

Diane Wehrle, insights director at Springboard commented: “Last week UK footfall was flat in high streets, but small declines in activity in both retail parks and shopping centres suggests that discussions in the media around the impact of supply issues on the availability of Christmas products have not yet impacted consumer behaviour.

“In parallel, indications are that the trickle back to the office is accelerating, with footfall in both outer London and market towns – locations where resilient activity levels are synonymous with home working – declining from the week before, whilst rising in Central London and regional cities outside the capital.”

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