Footfall sees minor uplift

Latest figures from retail experts, Springboard have revealed that footfall across UK retail destinations rose by +1.1% last week from the week before, with rises in both high streets (+2.4%) and shopping centres (+1%) whilst in retail parks footfall dipped (-1.7%).

It was primarily post 5pm when footfall increased in any meaningful way, with a rise of +4% across all UK high streets versus just +0.8% over the period up to 5pm.

Footfall remains -28.7% lower than the 2019 level across all UK retail destinations; but in retail parks the gap is much smaller at -6.8%, albeit this widened from -4.6% in the week before as a consequence of the -1.7% decline in footfall from the previous week.

Diane Wehrle, Insights Director at Springboard commented: “Despite the uplift in footfall last week from the week before, there is still significant ground to be made up as footfall across all UK retail destinations remains more than a quarter below the 2019 level. Retail parks, which didn’t see any uplift in footfall last week, remains the most resilient of the three destination types.

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