JLL launches urban and city logistics team

Commercial real estate and investment management company JLL has launched a dedicated urban and city logistics team.

The specialist team has been formed to “help investors, developers and occupiers address the issues of population and economic growth, environmental concerns, the continued rise of e-commerce and lack of industrial land supply which has made the movement of goods within urban areas increasingly difficult and in need of new real estate solutions.”

The dedicated service, led by Tessa English who moves from the industrial research team, will work with JLL’s leasing, supply chain and capital markets teams to draw upon the wealth of personal and global experience and deliver a service across the development cycle.

Urban and city logistics will also utilise the expertise of JLL’s retail, planning, property asset management, sustainability, research, alternatives and office teams to deliver repurposing and repositioning opportunities.

“Covid-19 has accelerated many of the changes already happening in the on-demand world and has shone a light on the chronic lack of industrial supply in city centres,” said Tessa English, head of city and urban logistics at JLL. “This is particularly the case in London where the demand for industrial space is leading to developers exploring intensification within the city. 

“Co-location with other uses, multi-storey and multi-level developments are all potential solutions that we expect to see become commonplace in the coming years. Our team is already working with clients to develop these dynamic strategies in London to transform and improve supply chains and last mile delivery capabilities.

“In addition to this we have seen new companies emerge in the last year who are taking on-demand delivery to the next level.  We are working with some of these companies and helping them think of innovative solutions to find spaces in city centres across the UK.  It’s a very exciting time to be working in this market and seeing how rapidly it is evolving.”

Andy Harding, lead director, UK industrial and logistics at JLL, added: “This is an exciting initiative which responds directly to the growing pressures we are seeing in our cities with increased populations and an ever-increasing demand for immediate goods and services. The individuals who make up this new team are involved in a growing number of schemes and initiatives, primarily in London, but already they are seeing innovation coming through in other large conurbations.

“The team has visited countries across Asia and Europe to see first-hand some of the development and supply chain solutions that are commonplace in built-up environments. This knowledge will undoubtedly help our clients develop strategies that will ensure inner city industrial land use is intensified and optimised to improve supply chains and last mile delivery capabilities.

“We also believe that concerns on air quality and pollution levels are reaching a critical mass and the new government policies that are coming forward in cities to tackle these issues are needed.  Our new offering means that we can advise clients around these issues, working with our sustainability colleagues to provide viable solutions for logistics companies in urban locations.”

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