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Retail Destination is the essential read for anyone involved in retail management. Established in 1991, Retail Destination, formerly Shopping Centre, is the UK’s only dedicated magazine for managers, developers, owners and occupiers of shopping centres, retail parks, factory outlets and their managing agents. We help our audience become more confident and successful in their varied roles, in their choice of suppliers, products and services, and in their management of people and partners.

Retail Destination has spun out its successful formula enabling its marketing partners to reach its sought-after audience in many different ways. We create trusted environments to connect shopping centres with providers of products and services online and in person. Retail Destination runs two main events, Retail Destination Live and the SCEPTRE Awards.

The magazine’s editorial board is made up of influential, senior figures in the retail destination market who act as advisors and consultants on trends and opinion in this innovative industry.

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Retail Destination is 100% requested and/or paid for in the UK and the Republic of Ireland with a weekly eNewsletter alongside a monthly print circulation edition. This is great news for advertisers as they are guaranteed to target a significant and loyal audience all of whom have either registered or paid for access to Retail Destination’s rich content.

Advertisers can reach three definitive readerships:

· The centre owners and developers who are implementing long term strategies to maximise the value of existing and new assets

· The managing agents that ensure the profits from existing schemes and portfolios are maximised through efficient management and processes

· The centre managers and their teams who control day-t0-day operations and heavily influence the procurement of multi-million pound services and products

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